What are Hair Bundles? - Simple Tips for Buying Your Next Hair Bundle

What are Hair Bundles? - Simple Tips for Buying Your Next Hair Bundle

Simply Tips for Buying Your Next Hair Bundle



What are Hair Bundles? 

Hair Bundles are individual strands of hair that are wefted together to create a full bundle of hair. Hair Bundles are created to complete styles such as sew-ins and wigs. Hair Bundles weigh about 3.5-4 oz. Hair Bundles are available from 8 inch to 40 inches. And the cost of Hair Bundles can vary. But, really, what is the difference between each hair bundle? 

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Let’s dive into this article and answer questions such as: 
  • What is the difference between a bundle and a pack of hair? 
  • What is a virgin hair bundle? 
  • What is a raw hair bundle? 
  • Why are hair bundles so expensive? 
  • How many bundles do you need to complete a full sew-in? 

Understanding the basics of hair bundles is not an easy task. As there are so many variables involved. Such as but are not limited too: texture, size, color, length, human hair or synthetic hair. As we dive deep into this article, the best rule of thumb when choosing a bundle is: 

You get what you paid for”

I know this seems like very basic advice when choosing a bundle, but in this case the old saying is true.

So what is the difference between a bundle and a pack of hair? 

As we mentioned at the onset of the article, bundles are wefted together to complete the bundle, however, in some cases the hair is tied together with a band or ribbon to create the full bundle. Bundles are available in both synthetic and human hair. 

What are packs of hair? Typically, packs of hair are available in synthetic hair. Synthetic hairs are made of fibers such as acrylic or nylon material. These individual materials are then put through a vigoous chemical processes to create the look and feel of natural human hair. Therefore, over the years, packs of hair have taken on the name “fake hair”. But, this brings about a question: 

Are bundles of hair available in synthetic hair? The answer to this question is Yes! 

The best way to explain this is that bundles are more of the process of how the hair is bonded - hence - wefted or tied together. Therefore, these bundles are available in both human or systemic hair- as this is the type of hair that is used to create the bundle or packs of hair.

Yes, you can purchase human hair as a pack of hair. 


Bundles can be tied together, wefted or boned together. 

What is a virgin hair bundle?  Virgin Hair is human hair that has never been chemically processed or altered. It is generated from one human donor and then wefted or banded together with a tie to create a seamless look. Virgin hair is available in a variety of textures, styles and lengths. At the time of the blog post Insure Beauty, LLC sells the following 100% Virgin Hair textures


So, this brings us to our next question: What is raw human hair? 

Raw hair or raw human hair is grade hair on the market. It comes from one donor and raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair - premium quality. Raw hair has not been steamed or chemically processed to create a particular style or texture. Raw hair is available in the natural state of the hair donor and no heat has been applied to the hair follicle. 

 Maybe, you are thinking why are hair bundles so expensive? 

As we have discussed thus far, from hair donor, to vendor, to consumer - collecting of human hair is a process. It is essential that the process is done correctly and assuring quality on bundles are met. It is very important to my company Insure Beauty, LLC to provide our clients with high quality bundles at a reasonable price. Therefore, instead of purchasing 1 bundle, we offer 3-4 bundles for our price. The idea is to walk away with a complete look for the price of our bundles. With the proper care, both virgin and raw bundles can last up to 12 months. Therefore, you are purchasing the product just 1 per year! 

How many bundles do you need to complete a full sew-in or wig? The rule of thumb is the longer the length the more bundles you will need. EXCEPT in the case you would like added volume to your shorter lengths. 

Many thanks to Shannon Nichole Beauty for providing the following guide: 

  • 12-16 Inches 2-3 Bundles 
  • 18-24 Inches 3-4 Bundles 
  • 26-30 Inches 4-5 Bundles
  • 32-36 Inches 5-6 Bundles 
  • 38+ Inches 6 Bundles +
It is my hope that you will be able to bookmark this article and allow it to assist you with your next hair bundle purchase. And to be on the lookout for key words such as: Virgin Hair, Raw Hair, Synthetic Hair and notice how many bundles are in each pack of hair. I hope this blog article shines a small light on the hair supply industry and we can all learn to love our hair, grow in the knowledge of hair bundles and to adore our individual styles. 
 Adore your individual style!

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