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We are located just one hour south of Washington, DC, in the charming town known as Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I book an appointment with Insure Beauty, LLC and what is required at booking?

Thank you for your interest in Insure Beauty LLC, please click on the following link to book your appointment. Once the appointment is book a 50% deposit is required upon booking the appointment, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

If I need to cancel my appointment is the deposit refundable?

All deposits are nonrefundable. However, you are free to reschedule the appointment and the deposit will be applied to your next appointment.

Please note, if the appointment is rescheduled more than three times, the deposit is forfeited. In the event of an unforeseen emergency and if Insure Beauty, LLC needs to cancel your hair appointment, we will apply your deposit to the rescheduled appointment and if the appointment, cannot be rescheduled we will refund 100 % of your deposit.

What services are offered at Insure Beauty, LLC offer?

We offer Natural and Hair Extension services. Please review our booking site for a full list of services. If you are interested in a service that is not available, please contact us at

What services are not available at Insure Beauty, LLC?

We do not offer chemical services such as color, relaxers, perms or curl texturizer services. Currently, we do not offer hair cutting or trimming services. We do not offer Wig Install Services. If you would like recommendations regarding, theses services please email us at

Does Insure Beauty, LLC supply the hair braiding hair? Please note the following:

Braiding Hair: The braiding hair that is provided is X-Pressions and we provide the following lengths 42’’, 48”,52” and 58” inches and we provide a variety of color. The color, length and style of choice will be discussed during the consultation. Braiding hair is included in the price of the service and will be per separated prior to your appointment.  

Braid Better by Rebundle: is a plant based braiding hair – created from banana fibers, and is available in 18 inches or 22 inches. Rebundle hair is recommended for clients that are allergic to synthetic braiding hair and that would like a healthier option to traditional braiding hair. The recommendation for bundles is as follows: 2-3 bundles for cornrows and 4-5 bundles for individual braids. Please purchase the bundles directly from Rebundle. Rebundle hair is not included in the cost of the service.  

Crochet Hair: The crochet braiding hair, faux locs, and any form of crochet hair is not included in the price of the style, as this is to be purchased prior to your scheduled appointment. Please visit your local beauty supply store or purchase the hair directly from Amazon.

** If you choose to purchase the hair from Amazon only one purchase is recommended – as 5-8 packs are available per order, as this is enough hair to complete the desired style. Direct any hair questions to

Is it true that Medical Insurance will cover the cost of my Medical Wig?

Insure Beauty, LLC cannot in any way guarantee that your personal health insurance will cover the cost of your Medical Grade Wig. However, it is strongly recommended to book a Wig Consultation prior to purchasing a medical grade wig. We will discuss the following: your measurements, color, texture, and we can check your medical benefits to see if cranial prosthesis (medical grade wig) is covered under your personal plan.

Payment options and benefits details will be discussed during your consultation.

Please note that: Insure Beauty is an Out-of-Network (OON) provider for all health insurance policies.  If you would like to simply purchase a wig without a consultation – please click here to check out medical wigs, aesthetic wigs and bundles.

Are children allowed at the site?

It is strongly recommended to refrain from bringing children or additional guess to your appointment. Please note the environment of Insure Beauty is a “Mini Salon Spa Experience”. Spa robe, cup of tea an scalp massage is given to each client. Also, please note the size of the suite is approximately 200 square feet, at this size is appropriate for the stylist and client. If an additional guest or child is brought to the appointment a small seating area is available outside of the salon suite.

Additional Questions and Concerns: 

Please address any additional questions or concerns our email address:

Thank you for choosing Insure Beauty, LLC as your hair salon service. It is our goal that you always look and feel beautiful.

What are your shipping and return policy for wigs? 

Our wigs are ready-to-wear wig and they are available in size medium (22). Our wigs are shipped in 10-14 business days and shipping will be added to the final cost of the wig. Also, if you would like a payment plan, please checkout with ShopPay. If you have any questions please reach out to us at:

Do you provide refunds for hair care services? 

Insure Beauty,LLC does not provide refunds for hair care services. 

If services are completed as discusses during our consultation and you are not satisfied we kindly ask that you mention your concerns prior to you leaving the salon suite. The adjustments will be made accordingly.  

We appreciate you and your support as it is our goal to resolve any issues immediately.