What are Packs of Hair in Hair Extensions?

What are Packs of Braiding Hair?

What are Packs of Braiding Hair? 

What are Packs of Hair?

This article will not discuss the various colors of hair, lengths, or how to choose your perfect protective style. I am sure you have a personal list of tips and tricks of your own. 

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In today’s article, we are going to dive a bit deeper and answer questions such as: 

  • What are Packs of Braiding Hair? 
  • What Type of Hair is Sold in Packs of Hair? 
  • Who is Rebundle? 

What are Packs of Braiding Hair? 

At some point in your life, you have walked into a beauty supply store and had to make the decision- would you purchase a bundle of hair or a pack of hair? If you have not, you are free to check out our article - What are Hair Bundles? 

Depending on your budget or your style, the obvious may be to purchase a pack of hair. And of course, depending on protective style of choice, you may have to purchase several packs. Typically, many people purchase around 5-10 packs of hair. But what type of hair is sold in packs of hair? 

This may be surprising, but you can purchase both human and synthetic hair in packs of hair. 

Xpressions Braiding Hair - Packs of Hair

Xpressions Braiding Hair - An Example of Packs of Hair

However, when many think of packs of hair - synthetic hair is the type of hair that comes to mind. Synthetic hair is made from man-made fibers like acrylic, polyester, silicone, polyvinyl chloride, silk, and vinyl. Therefore, the biggest difference between synthetic hair and human hair is that synthetic hair is man-made and human hair is donated by human donors. Hence, the cost of human hair will always cost more than synthetic hair. 

Once the individual synthetic hair strands are created an alkaline substance is sprayed on the synthetic hair to preserve the quality of hair. However, in recent years, many have found that synthetic hair has caused itchy or inflamed scalp, hair breakage, damage, or worst traction alopecia. So, to combat this issue many have used an ACV treatment (Apple Cider Vinger)


Apple Cide Vinger - ACV

Apple Cider Vinger - ACV Treatment 

 ACV or Apple Cider Vinger has been known to release the alkaline base of the synthetic hair, therefore, creating a healthier yet more pleasurable protective style experience. ( Please note: we never claim to be doctors, lawyers, or scientists, therefore, if you are experiencing hair breakage it may be deeper than your choice of hair, we can only advise that you speak to a Dermatologist)

In the last few years or so, some brands have taken this issue much further than cleaning synthetic hair with ACV they have chosen to create their own nontoxic - biodegradable hair product.

Here is a company that inspires us here at Insure Beauty,LLC. 

Who is Rebundle? 

Better for your scalp, better for the environment - Give your scalp the love it deserves. 

Their patent-pending technology hair company - repurposes discarded banana stems to create a sustainable, non-toxic pack of hair. How amazing! Rebundle has created Itch-Free non-vinegar soaking or excessive patting, biodegradable, vegan-friendly hair experience. 

Rebundle is available in various colors such as Bubblegum, Chocolate, Honey, Ocean, and Spice. The hair is available in approximately 22 or 30 inches because the hair's plant base is made from naturally extracted banana fiber and cut by hand, therefore, the length of the packs of hair can vary. Feel free to dip your ends, flat iron, or curl - heat up to 350 degrees, Reboundle caution you not to burn your ends with a lighter - simply the ends will not melt. 

Have we piqued your interest with Rebundle; if so visit www.rebundle.com and click shop all - to review current packs of hair that are available and to work with a local braider approved by Rebundle; check out Find a Braider

 Rebundle - Braid Better Braider

Braid Better - Hair Braider

As the customer, you are free to purchase packs of hair as human hair as well. Human hair packs of hair are typically non-weft human hair- which means the hair is not wefted or a tract is not attached to the top of the individual hair strands. Non-wefted hair is tied together with a band and typically 1-3 bundles are available in one pack of hair. 

Think of it this way, packs of hair - is the process of how the hair is separated and distributed. The type of hair in these packs will vary and will either be synthetic hair or human hair. That is unless you purchase your hair from companies such as Rebundle and your packs of hair are formulated from banana stems. 

Thank you so much for reading our article and it is our hope that you will save this article and refer to it prior to purchasing your next pack of hair. 

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